City Parking in Slovakia

When parking your car in Slovakia you will come across three parking options: car parks with a parking machine, closed parking lots usually equipped with a barrier and free parking lots.

There are many public parking lots in Slovakia, paid or free. These parking lots are marked with a blue rectangular traffic sign with a white P. If there is no parking service, it is free of charge. If the parking lot is staffed, you will be asked to pay directly to the staff according to the price list. Prices differ usually based on a position of the parking lot. If the parking lot is situated close to a tourist attractive area or a city centre, parking rates are usually higher.

Parking sites marked with a blue rectangular traffic sign with a clock below and a white P sign are those on which you will have to purchase a parking ticket in the nearest parking machine installed nearby the parking site. Simply insert coins in the machine and choose period you want to spend. Parking fees along with instructions are displayed on every machine. After pressing the button, you will obtain a parking ticket with date and end time. Prices differ from a city to a city. It is usually around 10-20 SKK per hour. The ticket should be placed on a clearly visible place in your car e.g. underneath the windshield. In some cities you can purchase parking tickets in newsstands.

Staffed parking lot is usually equipped by a barrier situated on the parking lot runway. Generally there is a ticket machine or a boot with staff right next to the barrier. After pressing a button, you will obtain your parking ticket with arrival time. You are supposed to keep it until leaving the parking lot. When leaving the car park, simply handle the ticket to the staff who will inform you about the price and you pay directly to him or her. Price lists are usually displayed on clearly visible area at the parking lot entrance. The parking fees are usually about 20-50 Skk for one to two hours. You will be charged every beginning hour.

There are towns and cities and places in Slovakia where it is quite easy to find a free parking site. On the other hand, in cities like Bratislava it is very difficult to find a free parking space. Similar situation is e.g. in Košice, Prešov or other big cities. Cities like e.g. Banská Bystrica or Trnava offer many parking lots so should have no problem finding a free parking site. Nitra is also one of the cities with parking problem. As parking lots in the town centre are quite small, they tend to be full most of the time. Another option is parking on shopping centres parking lots. As they are usually huge and free, it is usually easy to find a parking place there. It is strictly prohibited to park your car on parking places marked with a white cross in Slovakia. If you do so, it is most probable that your car will be town with a tow truck. In this case you will need to call the city police number 159 and pay a fine to get the car back. In case you break a parking law (like parking on a places not marked with parking sign) you might find your car with a wheel clamp. To get the wheel clamp removed, you need to call the city police number 159 and again pay a fine.

City parking outside of car parks and parking lots in Slovakia

If you choose not to use the services of parking places in Slovakia and decide to park your car outside the car park, remember that on the pavement is allowed to stop and stand only if the parking will remain on the pavement width of 1.5 meter free for unrestricted passage of pedestrians.

Parking in Bratislava

Parking lots in Bratislava are generally marked by clearly visible signs located along the road. The signs usually state current situation on the particular parking lot: free/full or display exact number of available for parking spaces along with information about the position of the parking, usually name of the street where the parking lot is located.

In the Bratislava historical centre you can park in these streets:

  1. Mostová (underground parking next to the Carlton Hotel)
  2. Uršulínska
  3. Palackého
  4. Veterná

Other parking lots in the city centre:

  1. Krížna
  2. Tesco
  3. Predstaničné Square (Main Station)
  4. Gondova (Old Bridge)
  5. Rajská 1
  6. Nábrežie №1 (Personal Port)

Old Bridge and Personal Port parking lots are opened from morning till evening. The other above mentioned lots are opened 24/7. Cars are strictly permitted to park on areas not assigned for parking or areas where the parked cars can cause traffic problems. In case the tow truck tows your car, you will find it in Vlčie hrdlo city part.

Parking in Košice

There are electronic barrier system parking lots on the following streets in Kosice:

  • Osloboditeľov Square
  • Kasárenské Square
  • Južná trieda
  • Orlia Street
  • Vodná Stree



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