Slovakia Rent a Car

Hiring a car is many times the best solution for your transportation. There are many rent a car companies in Slovakia offering car rental services. Especially in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, you can find a great number of car hire companies, but many of them are seated in other towns and cities of Slovakia. Rent a car services in different car rental companies vary. There are many different situations and occasions when rent a car is needed and therefore car many hire companies in Slovakia offer their services 24/7 though usually for a small extra fee. Most companies offer car delivery for your desired location and offer extra services such as baby seats, ski chains, car fridge or ski racks.

Rent a car prices for different car hire companies vary. Some car rental companies charge daily rate and price per kilometres you drive while other companies have fixed daily rates. When renting a car in Slovakia, you are required to fill your car with fuel yourself. If you are interested in car brands you can find in Slovak rent a car companies then you will find out that the most popular car is Skoda, usually Fabia or Octavia. These cars belong to economy car groups in Slovakia car rental. Skoda is obviously not the only car brand you can find in Slovakia rent a car companies. There is a wide selection of other vehicles including Renault, Ford, Audi, Citroen, Fiat, etc. There are also many different groups to choose from including economy cars, luxury, sports, or vans. As traffic in Slovakia flows on the right hand side, all cars in Slovakia are right hand drive.

Airport rent a car

If you are flying to Bratislava airport, your rental car will be delivered to the airpot. Some companies offer free Bratislava airport car delivery while other companies charge a delivery fee. There are Slovakia rent a car companies offering also Vienna Airport Delivery. This service is paid and is aprox. 1,200 SKK (32 EUR). However, this price can differ in different companies.

Car rental rates

  • Rates per kilometre with daily rates: from 350 SKK (10.5 EUR) + price per kilometre: aprox. 3.50 SKK (0.1 EUR) per kilometre
  • Daily rates with unlimited mileage: from 600 SKK (18 EUR)
  • Weekend car rental: most economy
  • Long term rental: price is usually lower

Being a foreign visitor, it is important you find English speaking staff. In the wide range of rent a car companies, you can select one that matches your demands and requirements. There are many companies giving their prices VAT exclusive which is 19% in Slovakia. Many car rental rates include other services such as highway stamps, unlimited mileage, car insurance, accident insurance or car delivery.


Exchange Rate

Česká koruna 1 CZK ? Eur
Americký Dolár 1 USD ? Eur
Britská Libra 1 GBP ? Eur
  1 EUR ? CZK
  1 EUR ? USD
  1 EUR ? GBP
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