Traffic information in Slovakia

Traffic Rules in Slovakia


While driving on roads in Slovakia drivers are required to keep headlights on during the whole year. The same rule applies for all motor vehicles. It is safe not only for the drivers but also for people on the road.

Baby seats

Since 2007 it is obligatory to carry children in a baby seats in Slovakia. The car seats must be appropriate for the child’s age and weight. Children must also be secured by a seat belt. Baby seats are only compulsory for children below 12 years old or shorter than 150 cms (approx 4.9ft).

Seat belts

Using seat belts is mandatory for all passengers in any vehicle in Slovakia. This law applies not only for a driver and a passenger sitting on the front seat but also to all passengers sitting on the back of the vehicle. Passengers must use the seat belt inside and outside any urban area: town, city, village, etc of Slovakia.

Driving and alcohol consumption

The maximum permitted blood alcohol level while driving in Slovakia is 0.2 per mille (‰) as in many European Union Member States. Penalties for exceeding the permitted level are high.

Driving and calling

In Slovakia it is not allowed to call while driving except for hands-free telephony kit.

Traffic offenses

If you are not able to pay sufficient financial cash in case of traffic offense, your driving license will be taken away from you. Without a driving license you can drive within 15 days during which you have to pay a fine. After payment of the fine your driving license will be returned.

Compulsory car equipment

Motor vehicles in Slovakia have a duty to have winter tires if continuous layer of snow or ice is on the roads.

Compulsory car equipment in Slovakia includes:
  • Reflective Emergency Jacket
  • Spare bulbs
  • Warning Triangle
  • Spare fuses
  • Jack
  • Spanner
  • Spare wheel
  • Tow Rope or Tow Bar
  • First Aid Kit
  • All necessary documents:
  • Driving license
  • Identity Card
  • Log Book
  • Compulsory Third Party Insurance document
  • Maintenance inspection certificate
  • Emission control certificate

Traffic rules

In Slovakia, vehicles ride on the right hand side of the road, cyclists and motorcyclists use its right shoulder. In case there is not a pathway, pedestrians are supposed to use the left shoulder of the road. When passing a pedestrian crossing, you should use its right side and all vehicles are obligated to give you way.  Cyclists and motorcyclists are obligated to wear a helmet.

Intersections with traffic lights

Red traffic light means stop the vehicle, orange one get ready and the green one signifies you are free to go. When making a turn, it frequently happens that there is a green light for you and also for pedestrians or vehicles going in opposite direction. In this case, you must give way to pedestrians even though the green light is on for you too. The same situation is with vehicles driving in opposite direction, but only if you want to turn left. Pedestrians should be careful when crossing the road as there can be a green light for the pedestrians and green light for the vehicles as well.

Intersections without traffic lights

Give way to any vehicle coming from the right.
When turning left, give way to any vehicle driving in opposite direction.
Give way to all pedestrians passing the pedestrian crossing.
All vehicles passing on the main road have the right of way.

Road safety


When crossing the road, always use a pedestrian crossing if available. As accidents when pedestrians are seriously injured are very frequent in Slovakia, make sure there is no vehicle rapidly approaching before you cross the road. If there is a car on the road, make sure it is in such a distance that it will have enough time to stop before the crossing.

Pedestrians are obligated to wear reflective jackets at reduced visibility. Never walk along the shoulder of the road at reduced visibility conditions in dark clothes without proper lighting and without using reflective jacket. Always use pavements when available and if it is necessary to walk along the road, always use reflexive jacket.

It is very difficult to notice a pedestrian with no light or high visibility jacket on. The situation is even more serious when there are two vehicles passing opposite directions. Keep this in mind and do not risk your or someone else’s health or life.


By Slovakia law, bicycles are considered vehicles and as such, people riding bicycles must obey all general road rules. As a legitimate road user, being a cyclist you have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles on the road.

You should use the right shoulder of the road and wear an approved, correctly fitted and fastened bike helmet at all times.

It is better not to ride at night or in weather conditions with reduced visibility. If you have to do so, you are obligated to wear reflective jacket and use a flashing or steady light on the front of your bicycle and another light on the rear side of your bicycle visible for at least 200 m.

The bicycle should also have reflectors placed on pedals or wheels visible for at least 50 m when a vehicle's headlights reflect it when riding on roads in Slovakia.

Make sure your bicycle is in good technical conditions. Never ride a bicycle after drinking alcohol and try to keep on the right shoulder of the road, especially in curves. Never ride next to another bicycle cyclist as it can endanger your life.

Motorcyclists and car drivers

Respect traffic rules. Be careful when you passing a car or coming to a main road.  Never overtake another car in dangerous curves. Always try to keep in a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. If cars in front of you stop, you will have enough time to use brakes. Keep in mind that the cars behind you must do the same. If you are too close to cars in front of you there is a possibility of a multiple crash. When driving on highways, always keep sufficient distance from vehicles in front of you because the braking time is much longer when driving fast.

If you consider yourself a good driver, you know that you have to foresight any situation. Especially in the evenings, drunk cyclists and pedestrians without lights on are quite frequent on Slovakia roads. Do not forget about children that can run onto the road unexpectedly, especially in cities and villages.

Always keep in mind that any alcohol consumption before driving will affect your reflexes and thinking even if you do not feel any difference. Even a little amount of alcohol in your blood decreases your alertness and attention span. Do not put yourself or someone else’s health or life at risk. 


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