Traffic in Slovakia

As Slovakia is an inland country lying in the heart of Europe, its position predestines it for being a road crossing for surrounding countries: Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Austria. As transport of goods in Europe is mainly provided by trucks rather than trains there are lots of trucks carrying different kinds of goods driving on Slovak roads.

As in other European countries, most people in Slovakia prefer travelling by car or by bus. Slovak roads are 17 thousand kilometres long. There is a proper hard surface road connecting every towns and villages of Slovakia; however we are still short on highways. The effort is to join eastern Slovakia with western part of the country; to provide a good and efficient highway connection between Bratislava and Košice. Some highways are already in a construction process, others are planned.

Vehicles drive on the right hand side in Slovakia like in most European countries. Cyclists and motorcyclists use the right shoulder of the road. In case there is not a pathway, pedestrians are supposed to use the left shoulder of the road. When passing the pedestrian crossing, pedestrians use the right side of the zebra crossing and according to Slovakia law; vehicles are obligated to give you way.

Trains in Slovakia are mainly used transport of goods such as coal, mineral resources, building material, chemicals, etc. The most important rail junctions are connect Bratislava, Žilina, Nové Zámky, Vrútky, Zvolen, Poprad and Košice. Trains are widely used for personal transport in Slovakia as well. Bratislava is an important train junction connecting important cities such as Budapest, Prague, Košice and Žilina.

Slovakia has an extensive bus network operated by various commercial operators, reaching out to people living in small suburb areas. There are regular long-distance and local bus lines operating between all cities and villages of Slovakia. Bus tickets on long distance bus lines can be purchased directly from the driver. The public transport known as MHD (Municipal Public Transport) operates in every big town of Slovakia. Bus tickets can be purchased from the bus driver, at newsagent or ticket dispenser located on the bus stop depending on the city.

Air transport is another option for transportation in Slovakia. Domestic flights are mainly represented by flights from Bratislava to Košice. International airports can be found in Bratislava, Košice and Poprad. River transport is mainly used for transport of goods down the Danube River in Slovakia. You can also take a sightseeing cruise down the Danube River and Váh River or on various water reservoirs in Slovakia.


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